July 1984 to the present!
Celebrating 30 Years July 2014!

A radio program devoted to the music and memories from the 1960's.  The Sixties is not your typical "oldies show" - It mainly focuses on the lesser known and obscure bands from that influential decade. You'll hear band profiles, theme shows and your own requests.  The show has been part of the lineup on Canada's oldest community radio station CKCU-FM 93.1 in Ottawa since 1984 and is still going strong.  
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CKCU-FM's Annual Funding Drive Begins!
It's that crucial time of year for your community radio station and The Sixties. CKCU looks to you, our valued listeners to help keep your community radio station on the airwaves.

Why help pledge towards a program like The Sixties:
- If you enjoy music from the 1960's. The Sixties is the last regular program of it's kind that plays music from the 1960's-Celebrating it's 30th Anniversary this past July.
- Regular in-depth features on bands and artists of the 1960's
- We explore vintage top 40 charts from regions from across Canada-each featuring rare and obscure tracks that haven't been heard on the radio in decades!
- We dust of obscure tracks from around the world-especially Canadian tracks - many of which received region airplay back in the '60's and haven't been heard since.

Your donation to CKCU helps to pay the day to day operations of the radio station. The funding drive alone means 1/3 of CKCU-FM's yearly operating budget so every donation, no matter what the amount is, matters a great deal. Your donations help to repair and replace equipment, pay bills, rent, phones, insurance, music licensing, tower rental for the transmitter and all the other things that keep a radio station on the air. You DON'T pay for music and you DON'T pay for the people that you hear on the airwaves. There are over 200 volunteers that bring you the dozens of different programs heard on CKCU each week. Each host brings their own expertise as well as their own music libraries to the airwaves each week. Add that to CKCU's massive library of music-collected over 39 years of operation and you have an amazing variety of sounds & genres at your fingertips each week. Add to that www.ckcufm.com which gives you CKCU On-Demand - which allows you to hear a back catalog of CKCU shows any time you wish.

When you donate toward a specific show like The Sixties - CKCU doesn't subscribe to a ratings service(which costs money to do). Along with supporting the radio station, your donation shows that you listen and enjoy the program you donate towards. CKCU-FM is a registered charity.
Remember you can donate with cash, cheque, Visa/Master Card or PayPal.
You can do so online using our secure online pledge form at https://www.ckcufm.com/secure/pledge/.
Or call
520-3920 Long Distance 1-877-520-3920 from October 24 to November 9th.
Thanks for your support and keeeeep Tunnin',
Dave Sampson - Host of The Sixties

The Archive continues to grow:
For those unable to listen to the Sixties Live - there are 2 ways to listen after the show has aired. One is via the CKCU-FM website. The station has an "ON Demand" service that stores both playlists and the program audio for up to 1 year (A direct link to the Sixties page at CKCU can be found HERE). There's also the Mixcloud archive that has been ongoing and ongrowing for 3 years. There are currently over 160 shows in the archive - the most recent of these available through the quick access widget directly below. You can access ALL of the archived shows HERE.)

Cloudcasts by The Sixties on Mixcloud

Do you have any vintage Canadian top 40 radio Surveys/Charts?:
One of the recurring features on The Sixties is our radio chart spotlights-where we focus on a vintage radio chart from a variety of regions across Canada. I'm searching for any of these charts-and am willing to pay $2 per chart(plus postage). I'm especially searching for Ottawa charts from CFRA and CKOY-which include the Swingset, CPMI, & CMN charts. I'm also looking for the weekly national RPM charts. If you have any of these and would be willing to scan copies OR part with them, please e-mail me: dave AT sixtiesradio DOT org

A BIG thank you to all our "Happening Heroes" that donated during the Sixties
and CKCU-FM's annual Funding Drive.
You can always pledge to CKCU-FM online at www.ckcufm.com/donate
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Music from the Ottawa music scene in the 1960's avaiable again
and for the first time on CD!
The Children - Time Capsule: The Unreleased 1960's Masters
Ottawa's legendary group of the 1960's finally sees some officially released recordings for the very first time! Formed in 1965. The ranks that went through this band is a who's who of the Ottawa music scene. From David Wiffen, Bruce Cockburn, Sandy Crawley, Peter "Sneezy Waters" Hodgson, William "Bill" Hawkins, Neville Wells, Richard Patterson & Chris Anderson. The group - although never released ANY recordings during their 2 1/2 year existance - managed to ammase many demo, studio & live recordings - including some recorded at the famed Le Hibou Coffee House.
The disc also features some tracks from a reunion concert the band had with ALL it's original members at the Ottawa Folk Festival in the 1990's. A historical package like no other.

CD available through True North Records and wherever CDs are sold
Track Listing:

1 I’m Leaving You Out 2 Blotting Paper 3 Put Me Into Gear 4 Merry Go round 5 Cosmic Woe 6 Louis Riel 7 You Don’t Think About Me (When I’m Gone) 8 I Like What My Baby Do 9 Come Back Baby 10 I’m Leaving You Out 12 It’s Not Time Now 13 It’s A Dirty Shame 14 Cotton Candy Man
15 Sleeping Bag 16 You’re Nobody’s Baby Now 17 Just Like A Woman 18 Madison Avenue Blues 19 Medley: I.O. / Blotting Paper 20 Bird Without Wings 21 Creature Energy
22 The Trains Don’t Go There 23 I Don’t Want To Drive You Away 24 Meet Me In The Bottom 25 Lucy’s Song 26 Little Child (I’ll Make You Mine)
The Esquires - The Singles...Plus:
Although they only released seven 45s and one album in their 5-year career, the Esquires were one of the most important bands of the early Canadian music scene. In a time when home-grown artists struggled to be heard on radio, the Juno Award-winning Esquires had several national hits, most notably “So Many Other Boys” and “It's A Dirty Shame”.

Their singles havelong been sought after by collectors around the world, and with one exception, these tracks have never been available on CD until now.
This collection contains all their Capitol and Columbia A andB-sides, as well as many previously unreleased live, rehearsaland demo songs. Also included is the hit “Higher & Higher” by Canada Goose, an off-shoot of the original band.
CD available through Mousehole Music & Pacemaker Entertainmenht.
Track Listing:

Atlantis 2 I’ve Lost My Girl 3 Man From Adano 4 Gee Whiz, It’s You 5 So Many Other Boys 6 The Oldest Story 7 Cry Is All I Do 8 We’ve Got A Future 9 Love’s Made A Fool Of You 10 Summertime 11 It’s A Dirty Shame 12 Devoted To You 13 Love Hides A Multitude Of Sins 14 Why Should I Care 15 The Bounce * 16 How Much I Need You * 17 Higher & Higher 18 Baby My Heart * 19 Perfidia (Live) * 20 Little One *21 Round And Round * 22 Jet Black * 23 Sweets For My Sweet * 24 Blue Star 2:15 * 25 The Stranger * 26 Comin’ Home Baby (Live TV) * 27 So Many Other Boys (Live TV) * 28 The Oldest Story (Alternate Takes) * 29 Atlantis (Live Reunion)

*= Previously Unreleased
The Staccatos - First Sparks: The Anthology 1965-1969:
The Staccatos were composed initially of Vern Craig, Rick Bell, Brian Rading and Les Emmerson. With the addition of Mike Bell andTed Gerow they became one of the top Canadian bands of the1960s. They had a dozen Top 40 singles and were unique in that they composed, arranged, played, sang and produced or co-produced all their own material. The band later went on to world-wide fame as the Five Man Electrical Band, but this is where it all began.

This compilation includes all of their Capital - EMI Recordings from 1965 to 1969; both sides of their first independent single for Allied records; all five songs from the legendary Coca-Cola promotional album “A Wild Pair”; two little known instrumentals released under the pseudonym - "The Smart Set"; as well as three previously unreleased songs! 51 tracks in total - 20 songs on CD for the first time!
CD available through Mousehole Music, Pacemaker Entertainmenht & Amazon, and everywhere CDs are sold.
Disc 1:

1 It Isn’t Easy
2 Please Come Home 3 Small Town Girl 4 If This Is Love 5 Do You Mind (If I Dance With Your Girl) 6 Move To California 7 Take Your Time 8 Bad Boy 9 Million Kisses 10 It's A Long Way Home 11 Nightfall 12 Poor Baby 13 Something's Got A Hold On Me 14 You Only Die Once 15 Would You Believe...? 16 Sorry About That Chief 17 C’mon Everybody 18 Let Me See 19 Lets Run Away 20 Face To Face(With Love) 21 Half Past Midnight 22 Weatherman 23 Catch The Love Parade 24 Whisper Words 25 Tell Her For Me 26 She Is Tomorrow.

Disc 2:

1 Song The City Sings
2 Where Did Holly Go? 3 Running Back To You Every Time 4 Walker Street 5 Super Girl 6 She Fancies Herself A Lady 7 Didn’t Know The Time 8 We Go Well Together 9 You and California 10 Five Man Electrical Band 11 Last Time I Saw Memphis 12 Private Train 13 If I Were You 14 You’re Gonna Lose That Girl 15 (It Never Rains On) Maple Lane 16 Black Sheep Of The Family
17 Fancy Dancing Man 18 Sit Down I Think I Love You 19 Running Back 20 Baby 21 Lovin’ Look 22 Sunrise To Sunset 23 Riverboat 24 Good 25 Little Bit Of Love

All Tracks Stereo Except Disc 1, Tracks 1-20
Disc 2: Tracks 9, 13 & 18 Previously Unreleased

The Townsmen - We're Doing Fine: The Anthology
Newly reissued by Pacemaker Entertainment, Mousehole Music & Olde CD

At long last, the CD is finally available! All the original singles are here: "We're Doing Fine", Take A Heart", "I'm Such A Dreamer", He's In Town" & "Heaven In The Middle Of Town" and much much more - The Townsmen, with their distinctive vocal harmonies won over audiences all over Ottawa and other parts of Eastern Canada and into the US. You can now get the full picture of the group in this deluxe limited edition 2 CD set. Along with the original Townsmen singles, the set includes pre Townsmen incarnations - the Jades, the Continentals & the Darnels. Also the female Duo, Lori & Diane, backed by the Darnels. Rare Live recordings captured at the Ottawa Exhibition in 1966 and 1967 as well as from their reunion concerts from 1987 and 1991. All this packed with a full color 16 page booklet. This CD is now in Stores around Ottawa - Including: Mousehole Music , Pacemaker Entertainment & Amazon, and everywhere CDs are sold.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2 We're Doing Fine 2.49 3 He's In Town (First Time Stereo) 4 Back Yards (First Time Stereo) 5 Pineland Stomp 6 Take A Heart 7 I'm Such A Dreamer 8 Funny How Love Can Be 9 Heaven In The Middle Of Town 10 He's In Town (mono 45 version) 11 Back Yards (mono 45 version) 2.58 12 Rocking Chair 13 The Jar 14 Come On Up - Harold 15 Afternoon Magic - Harold 16 Ode To Linoleum - Harold 17 Oh Mayonnaise - Harold 18 The Wind Is Blowing Diamonds Tonight 19 I Can't Find My Way Home Without You 20 Every Other Guy - The Darnels 21 Day After Lonely Day - The Darnels 22 I Want A Dream - The Continentals 23 Are You Angry With Me Patty? - The Jades 24 Mr. Keymaker - Lori & Diane 25 It Bothers Me - Lori & Diane 26 Billy Brown - Lori & Diane 27 Be - Lori & Diane


1 Back Yards (live 1967) 1 2 He's In Town (live 1967) 3 Medley: You Were On My Mind / I Can't Let Go (live 1967) 4 Medley: Good Thing/Kicks/Hungry /The Great Airplane Strike (live 1967) 5 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (live 1967) 6 With A Girl Like You (live 1966) 7 Medley: Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly (live 1987) 8 For What It's Worth (live 1987) 9 Hang On Sloopy (live 1987) 10 Gimme Some Lovin' (live 1991) 11 I'm Such A Dreamer (live 1991) 12 Funny How Love Can Be (live 1991) 13 Memphis (live 1991) 14 We're Doing Fine (live 1991) 15 He’s In Town (live 1991) 16 The Kids Are Alright (live 1991) 17 San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair.) (live 1991) 18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (live 1991) 3.47 19 BONUS TRACK

Disc 2-Tracks 1-5 - Live @ Lansdowne Park 1967 | Disc 2 Track 6 Live @ Lansdowne Park 1966
Disc 2-Tracks 7-6 Rock 'n Roll 'n Remember Reunion 1987 | Tracks 10-18 Rock 'n Roll 'n Remember II Reunion 1991